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Keelin Marine
Handmade in America,  High Quality Lures and Fishing Accessories

Highest Quality, Fish-Catching Skirted Ballyhoo Rigs

Capt. Ed Rigs, Handmade by the owner in South Carolina, USA, have proven themselves time and again with results unequaled by cheap knock-offs being mass produced overseas.

If you are serious about your fishing, you expect quality, and you expect results. A Capt Ed Rig gives you both!

Hand Constructed using the highest quality materials, our rigs are durable and long lasting, and best of all, they attract the fish like no others. This is in no small part due to the fact that we fish what we produce, so we know what *works*.

Use the best to catch the best!

Contact Us & Ordering

When you are ready to order, or if you have a question, send an email to:

When ordering, please specify:

Quantity  ~  Rig type (Wire, Mono, or Wind-on)  ~  Skirt color


Mono Rigs – $6.50

Wire Rigs – $7.00

Wind On – $7.00

See Captain Ed’s Rigs in Action!